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The Angel of Justice...

This isn't the city Blaq Angel looks over...but it serves my purpose!

Read on for a sneak.

Let me know what you think.

Humidity hangs heavy on the air as the sun sets over the city, casting muted tones of oranges and reds across the sky. The previously busy streets now nearly empty, participants of the daily race home finally resting in their homes. Safe. Soon darkness will blanket the city below. The dregs of society will bring havoc to the innocent. They are vicious beasts which stalk the weak, prey on the pure and feed off the fearful. And I will do my best to eliminate them, one by one.

Inside police scanners battle against Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata #14 for my attention as I stand sipping my cognac. The wall of monitors illuminate the minimally furnished office, displaying the news reports of heinous crimes transpiring across the nation. I swallow what remains of the smooth brown liquor, rinsing the taste of rising bile from my palate. The cubes of ice clink as the highball glass settles on the edge of the desk. Averting my gaze from the screens, I whip around on the heel of my boot. With a long stride, I walk out of my war room and into the dim hallway.

An obsidian door lies in wait, anticipating my entry. I pocket the intricate key and seal myself within the confines of the supply room. My eyes dart from shelves to cabinets and display cases. The corners of my mouth lift into what resembles a smile. Over the years, I amassed quiet an array of specialty tools. Potions, brewed in the kitchens of witches, swirled in their murky decanters. Vials of versed, fentanyl, and succinylcholine soldiered up behind the glass casing. Excellent for causing paralysis, equally dangerous as the set of stainless steel scalpels showcased below. The firearms dangle from their pegs. Blades of the swords wink under the light. A diverse assortment to inflict pain and torture. I utilized every one, in the name of justice. Even my own hands. All are a part of my arsenal.

Iman. She is my be continued! (Excerpt from Blaq Angel written by Heather Rae)

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