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BuhBye 2016

With only a few days left, many of us have already started to reflect on 2016.

This year has taught some tough lessons.

About life. Ourselves. And people in general.

When I reflect on things, the bad usually outweighs the good. Even if I experienced more positive moments, the negative feeds off of my energy. It steals my focus, robbing me of my joy. Why is that? I'll save that for a later date...

I evaluate often, always picking things apart. But I try to ask the same questions:

Did I put my best in this?

What could I have done differently?

What outside forces worked against me, that I had no control of?

What can I do next time for a better result?

This doesn't pertain to just books either. But life in its entirety...or as my good friend would say "Universally Applicable". The answers I come up with are not always reassuring. But, it gives me a list of adjustments, necessary changes, I need to implement.

Keyword: CHANGE.

I speak regularly about change, and of course, how one must be receptive to it. Whether it be in the work place or self, one must be open and accepting of it for it to be effective. Change cannot be forced upon a person and the desired outcome be positive. I think the likelihood of that happening is slim to none.

With change, comes growth. Change behaviors and attitudes, a transformation takes place.

For my 2017, I've made some adjustments on how and where I do things. This blog will center solely around book stuff, updates, releases, and any events I will be attended. I hope you'll keep an eye out for me because I plan on at least showing up to at least three (as of now). If you are interested in my personal ramblings, you can find that at The Heiress is currently with the editing team. I am about to begin work on the fourth book in a new series I tackled during this month. And you'll see several old characters return as well as some new ones. Lots of things planned for this new year...can't tell ya everything right now. #Excited!

Be safe and take care!

Thank you for your support,


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