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A Little About Me

When the time comes to talk about myself, I don't know just what to say. So I will just keep it simple with this quick elevator speech.

I nurse the sick, consume coffee, read books and pen stories!

My name is Heather Rae, author of IR contemporary romance. I also enjoy dabbling with paranormal, sci-fi and fantasy. When I'm not bouncing from one state to another, or lounging on someone's beach, I take up space in central Florida. I have three grown children, four grands, and a trouble-making monster Cane Corso I lovingly refer to as Moose. I'm a collector of boxes, notebooks and pens. 

Torn, tarnished & tattered, I still believe in love and happily-ever-afters. 

You can find me regularly on both FB and IG, sharing memes and random giggles!


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