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Stay Focused

As I wrap up my final week of this exhausting and mentally draining semester, I feel as if I can breathe a small sigh of relief.

Keyword: small.

The experience has been interesting, I will say that. Online learning environment takes some getting used to. The system is strange. Grading, or rubics, make no type of sense to me. And there is very little interaction. Putting all that aside, I do feel I learned some things. Like, examining artwork: Attempting to pick apart the meaning behind the piece, the history and views of society during that particular era, or the artist's story. How this will be utilized in my own future, I haven't the foggiest of ideas! It's just one of those things I have to suffer through and do. The English and Creative Writing class was more enjoyable. As it should be! I was under the impression some time would be spent on learning other forms, and was looking forward to learning how a screenplay is put together. Sadly, this didn't happen. I suppose I will have to educate myself on this process. I did manage to work an old idea into a short story during the course for my final project...which will later be turned into a complete novel. I consider the semester to be a success and am very thankful for the mental break!! Next term begins January with Lit and Philosophy on my plate. Because the Masters Degree is my end goal...I am going to keep on pushing through!

I think that is the first time I announced and shared that goal...speak it into existence! And say a prayer for me, LOL!

Inhale...Exhale...Breathe...Focus...(say it again!)

Inhale. Exhale. Breathe. Focus.

Say it with your chest!

2016 has been a crazy year. Great things were accomplished. Love and life were both celebrated. On the other end of the spectrum... Horrific tragedies occurred within our communities and across the globe. Losses were plenty. I only hope 2017 will be kind and show us all some mercy. No morbid thoughts here...LOL

A new year is right around the corner. 2016 is breathing fire down our necks as we near the end. So run a little harder...and look to the finish line...Focus.

Gotta tackle my 3K A Day now...I'm halfway into a new series!


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