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3 P's = Possibilities

What are those three P's?

Pandora. Pinterest. Pen.

Time flies by for me after logging in to that darn site! Before I know what has happened, I have a new home, closet, and my body is covered in new ink. If only I had the money to fulfill those virtual dream boards!

One day, I happened to be wasting time over on Pinterest. I have this thing for castles, you see. I was browsing some pins and behold! Inspiration struck me if I don't have fifty stories to write. I won't post the pics here because you can find them on my FB page.

Yesterday, I was a bit in my feelings. I thought tonight I would give a little snippet of what I am finishing up. Please keep in mind, this has yet to be edited.


"The Heiress by Heather Rae

A dream is but a dream…

Hired cars lined up by the dozens. Gas lanterns flanked the cemented road, the soft glow lighting the way. Music and laughter drifted from the chateau as guests were let out at the stairway. Thick red carpeting cushioned the way as George, the head butler, stood at the doors.

Jewels dripped from the necks of the women. Their many facets caught the light and shimmered with every move. Gowns with tight bodices cinched the waists of the ladies. Every word spoken, every giggle, almost breathless. The men, in top hats and tails, were dignified and debonair. Their confidence evident in both conversation and movement.

Slim crystal flutes filled with the finest champagne in France were in abundance. Silver trays heavy with hors d’oeuvres balanced upon the white gloved staff. In the ballroom, bodies twirled in time to the classical melodies. The gentle swoosh of skirts harmonized with the stringed instruments. Chatter and laughter mingled in the air. It was a grand celebration.

The guests of honor stood at the center of the massive staircase, flanked by family. The young man stood tall, proud, with his betrothed on his arm. She looked on, with a smile. There was no question to the love the young couple shared; it radiated in the way they gazed at one another. The glow of happiness surrounded them like a halo.

A hush fell over the marbled ballroom. Tears fell behind the beautiful mask the young woman wore. As everything faded, so did the love. All that remained was…fear."

Just a tease...let me know your thoughts!

Make sure you subscribe to the blog. Later this week I will be creating a member's only page here for future previews, specials and giveaways.

Keep an eye out!

Much love & appreciation,


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