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Poppin' Some Bottles Today

At the beginning of the year, I had planned on becoming more active when it came to blog writing and that dreaded thing called Twitter. I promise you, my intentions were good! Obviously that didn't go as I had planned. So we are just going to start fresh, not think about that at all, and keep it moving forward!

Love Letters!! I'm very excited about the new book. I've yet to receive feedback so that has me a bit anxious. But I am sure every author feels that way. Anyway, I had started the story some time ago then set it aside (as I do with many things). You see, I had an idea for something else at the time. That kinda thing happens regularly, LOL. Lucus and Solene had to wait because these other characters were screaming inside of my head. Then something I never experienced before happened. I hit a wall with the other story I was working on. This one particular chapter just wouldn't come together for me no matter how hard I tried. So I walked away from that and pulled up Love Letters...and voila! I hope those that purchased the book enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

If you have seen me on FB or Twitter the past week or so, you probably have seen the logo at the bottom of this post. AuthorGo!! This is truly an awesome project!! I can't even begin to tell you how thrilled I am to be participating in this. You know, the recent craze has been Pokemon GO! where you basically search your surroundings for Pokemons. Well, in AuthorGo, the concept is similar...and less hazardous to one's well-being! Readers can earn points, receive "badges", and have the opportunity to win some pretty cool gifts each month. It's a different platform for authors and readers to interact with one another. At the time of this post (it is 0120) the site is due to go live at we are just a few hours away from launch!!! I hope everyone visits the website and registers...I can't reveal ALL the secrets! On a personal note, I'm honored to be a part of this event. So many of these ladies I admire and shyly look up to (I'm a fan!!) And, I'm going to close this out now before I turn into a big mush ball.

Gonna catch a nap...and I'll see ya in a few hours! Don't forget to grab Love Letters and play AuthorGo!



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