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Two Worlds

A fascination with the cosmos had been inevitable for Morticia Renner since an early age. The loss of one of the most influential people in her life, her grandfather, left her feeling lost and alone. What do you become when your passion and quest for the unknown has lost its excitement? A workaholic; that is until she meets the mystery man named Orion.

Orion defied any resemblance to the average man. His style, confidence, and even the way he spoke challenged Morticia’s mind and thinking. Something about the gorgeous, silver eyed man found its way into the barrier Morticia worked so hard to build. But is Orion who he really claims to be?

Thousands of questions with no answers and secrets that can never be exposed leave Morticia and her unsuspecting friends on a race against the clock in attempt to save the world. In the end, will they survive? Or is it already too late?


The Heiress

 ~They come to me in my dreams, giving me a glimpse of their final moments. I listen to the whispered pleas, see what is shown to me. I follow the restless souls across the globe and write their stories. For closure and to provide a happily ever afterlife. But, what of me?~ Piaget

A dream led her to the South of France. This one dream would serve as the foundation to build her latest work on. A determined C.P. Rance set out to give the sad woman from her dreams closure, and perhaps, a happily ever after life. Until the unexpected happened. Piaget Torrance, aka C.P. Rance, met an irresistible man.

A woman was the last thing Val Jaymes wanted or needed in his life. Especially not that pushy American who insisted on exploring a crumbling château. Her striking resemblance to the young restless soul whom wandered the property only further complicated matters.

The sparks between Piaget and Val could not be ignored or denied. Try as they might, the two were bound by something much stronger than mere chemistry. An unbreakable love capable of withstanding time. With Piaget's trip coming to an end, the future of their budding romance weighs in the balance. Will C.P. Rance finally pen the most important story of her life?


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