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Caramel Drizzled Dreams

Don't laugh. I have an's bad, y'all!

Coffee. It lifts my spirits. Makes me feel good and warm inside. It allows for me to 'adult' and 'people'. Not too mention, it fuels my creative.

Let's not forget: it tastes like heaven! My current favorite is iced caramel macchiato with extra caramel and espresso. I love the way it all swirls together...

And I should probably move on now (LOL).

...singing...clouds in my coffee, clouds in my coffee...

As you can see, I'm not good at this blogging thing. I can readily admit that. I can only draw stick figures. I sing off-key. And I ramble on if I have to talk to more than four people at any given time. We can't be perfect at everything. This is life. And we are human. We try it out anyway!

I am a firm believer in celebrating failures as much as accomplishments. If I fail, or shall I say 'miss the mark', it serves as a learning experience for me. I am able to evaluate what I did wrong, assess what I could have done better (and what I did right), and make adjustments for the next thing I try to do. And I'm not just talking books. I'm talking every day life. Whether you make one mistake or one hundred, hit the Top 10 or struggle to make any rank, you never stop. You celebrate each day. And, you never ever...throw in the towel.

A writing sprint starts in a few minutes so I gotta run. I hope you will check out the website, blog and subscribe. Got a few things coming and changes I will be making so I would really hate for my friends and readers to miss out. Check back later because I might just share a few things via the blog!

Love ya!


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